Indiginous Audiovisual Production Center Xapono

Join the Group of contributors who are developing the INDIGINOUS AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION CENTER, named Xapono, along with the Yanomami people from Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Amazonas – Brazil. The Yanomami of the Amazon region has suffered for years with territories invasions and attacks from gold miners and illegal loggers to their lands. One of the most serious problems they face today is the contamination by mercury and other heavy metals used in gold mining.



We all know filming and photographic works made by several television channels and independent producers in indigenous comunities, but not many of these experiences seek to develope autonomy for native people, regard to the production of its specific political messages. Among the pioneering initiatives, widely known and respected in Brasil, are Projeto Vídeo nas Aldeias (Video in the Villages Project) and Instituto Catitu.
Inspired by the above references, and with only a round-trip tickets to Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, provided by Associação Rios Profundos, we have proposed this campaign in order to, all together, make possible the construction of an independent yanomami audiovisual production center.


A few years ago, Anne Ballester Soares, member of the Rios Profundos Association and founder of the Xapomi School in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, organized video workshops attending the yanomami community of that region. These workshops were given by Canadian directors, members of the Épopée Group, and they have had good results.
However, when finished audiovisual training, the filmmakers would leave, taking with them all the means of audiovisual production. This kind of help, as we all know, will not allow the yanomami to continue the filming practices they have learned and, above all, will let them, once again, unrelieved against the scenario of everydays destruction and poisoning of their lands, people and culture, of the rivers and animals that inhabit the Amazon forest. The Yanomami need more than occasionally make a film, they need communication tools at hand to permanently report the presence of illegal mining, wild animal hunters and loggers that invades the forest, disrespectfully exploring their riches.
With this increasingly strong demand, Anne Ballester Soares contacted activists from São Paulo to consider a new approach and audiovisual training in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, in partnership with Rios Profundos and KURIKAMA Association; and that’s how Fábrica de Cinema Cultural Association stepped in.
And the way we figured out to souve this problem was the crowdfunding, that allows the purchase of audiovisual equipment and accessories. Thus, as we conclude this experience, we can return to São Paulo with the certainty that our friends will continue developing its expertise in filming and editing practices.


We ensure an intensive three-week-long course with the presence of Flávio Galvão, member of Fábrica de Cinema Cultural Association, at Santa Isabel do Rio Negro. Twelve course vacancies will be filled from open enrollment by Kurikama Association, at strategic points of the yanomami territory.
Our audiovisual training course has two goals; the first is to form a indigenous team which, at the end of the course will:

  1. continue the filming and editing works (of sounds and images), meeting local and communication demands,
  2. form new yanomami classes of theory and practice of audiovisual communication.

The second goal is to develop two short films (fictional or documentary) during the course. These movies themes will be chosen by the yanomami and be available on the websites and blogs of Kurikama, Rios Profundos and Fábrica de Cinema Associations.

On the facebook page and blog of Fábrica de Cinema Association our contributors can better understand the association´s history and additional information at the specific page we created for this work, that will be accomplished in May this year (2016), as well as information concerning the brasilian indigenous struggle.

Note: foreign contributors will be rewarded only the with their name in the yanomami made films credits.

We rely on your support.
Join us for this campaign to be successful.


NOTE: all equipment purchased with the campaign will be given to the KURIKAMA Association, founded by the yanomami of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro.

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