Who are we?

rp_logofinal_trThe coordinator of Rios Profundos, Anne Ballester Soares, has been living for the last twenty years among the Yanomami people of the Marauiá. She’s a fluent speaker and writer of the Yanomami language and the only non-Yanomami (napeu) speaker in the state of Amazonas. Her work as a teacher has been extended to that of a mediator and interpreter in various xapono of the Marauiá, Padauiri and Demini rivers. In 1998, Ballester-Soares helped create SECOYA and has acted as the coordinator of its education programme. She dedicated herself to the diffusion of the differenciated school system in the xapono of the region and to to the training of the Yanomami teachers in partnership with the CCPY Roraima (now incorporated to the Socioenvironmental Institute – ISA). She helped the creation of monolingual and bilingual schoolbooks for Yanomami schools, enabling teachers to work in their own language.


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